Ready to go “beyond the match”?
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We know what it’s like to try to find a spouse online. We sign up, full of hope, but fade into disgust, distrust and dismay all in a matter of weeks. We are tired of feeling like just another treat in a digital shopping spree. We are much more than just a swipe left... or right.

We also know what it’s like to lose sleep over the future marriage of our daughters and sons. We want a way to help them find a spouse without stepping on their toes. But we want them to find the very best person . There is a solution, a new way to make these connections with dignity and safety and success.

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Two Journeys, One Goal

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You are an independent Muslim woman who shares the qualities of our mother, Khadijah (ra), whose wisdom allowed her to propose to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

You are noble, strong, pious, beautiful, successful and empowered. Yet, you are lonely. And you’ve been looking for a spouse on your own.

Khadijah Elite™ is here for you, offering a safe, secure online space where you have control.

Your dignity will never be compromised, and your journey with us will be successful, Insha Allah.

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For the first time ever, Fatimah Elite™ allows families to actively engage in the search for a spouse.

If you are a parent , you will be able to advise, but if you are a young man or woman, you make the final decision.

Fatimah bint Muhammad (ra) inspires us all with her legacy of teaching, social work and modesty. Fatimah Elite™ was designed with that legacy in mind.

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  • Global IDs verified, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence to screen members
  • Liveness Detection and Facial Recognition to avoid members using fake IDs
  • Web security overseen by a former Federal Police Officer with 30 years experience


  • Resources from scholars, therapists and marriage coaches to help you make the best decisions
  • Courses on important topics to help you prepare for marriage with confidence
  • Monthly videos that teach core topics and help you stay focused

Unique Approach

  • You have the choice to hide your pictures so you are valued and respected
  • The 4 Phases System™ works gradually to help you filter your connections with grace
  • Fatimah Elite™ gives your parents tools to support your final decision


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Of course, it takes two to make a pair, so we welcome our brothers who embody the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw):

“The most complete believers are those with the best characters, and the best of you are those who are best to their wives”

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At Khadijah Elite, we believe in the honor of our sisters, and the purity of families.
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